Expanding the Kingdom of God

It was an exciting week for us and the Plumb Line Community.  I met with our District Superintendent and the chair of the New Start committee.  It was a great experience as I shared the vision for the church.  And it was a blessing to receive encouragement and direction from the committee chair.  Next week I will make a formal presentation regarding our new start church.  We covet your prayers!

Even as exciting as that meeting was for me, it was even more exciting to be able to share the Gospel with someone this week.  Marcella has been struggling with cancer for some time.  We spent time together this week looking into the scriptures to see what God had to say.  I believe she was comforted by the Word of God.  And when I asked her if she felt confident in her salvation, she wanted me to tell her more.  We closed our time together praying for her salvation and asking for God’s healing power to come into her life.  I could almost hear the angels in heaven rejoicing over this new babe in Christ.

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  1. Wonderful news. Your faith assures God will provide the provisions needed for your part in expanding the Kingdom.
    Heaven is overjoyed with Marcella. Her healing will come.

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