Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

The church planting journey is feeling more like a roller coaster this week than a pilgrimage.  We met with the New Start Committee and it was a good experience.  They were very helpful and a wealth of knowledge.  After two hours of constructive criticism, I was ready for a break.  But there were many words of encouragement and positive affirmation.  In the end, they gave us a firm “thumbs up” and commissioned us by laying hands on us.  I felt like Paul and Barnabas!

We have a couple of “big rocks” we need to get in place by August 17th.  The committee’s recommendation is to push back our official launch date if we are not able to solidify these “big rocks”.  So we are asking for prayer regarding these things.  And for God’s clear direction concerning our official launch date.

In the meantime, Pastor Blake will officially announce our calling on Sunday, August 15th.  Please pray for him as well.  Pastor Blake is very supportive of this endeavor and he is making it part of his vision for Detroit First.

We love all of you and thank you for your support!

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