Church Planting is Not for Wimps!

Church planting is not for wimps!

And I recently downloaded a book by the same title.  I am discovering that each week is filled with twists, turns, and surprises.  There is no routine except the constant of the unpredictable.  More and more I am understanding why Jesus said the Sabbath was made for Man, not Man for the Sabbath.  We need to make time to rest because it will never simply come to us.  God has given the Sabbath (the day of rest) to us as a gift.  I pray each of you is taking advantage of the gift God has given you!

The details of the new start are beginning to be checked off of our list.

…a worship team has been identified and we will begin to shape our style and tone.

… the financial secretary and treasurer are in place and we can now begin implementing the financial details.

…our building options have narrowed as I have discovered the places too big, too small and too expensive.

And we have begun the process of saying “good-bye”.  We are so compelled to share the Gospel with others.  But we have also called Detroit First Church home for nearly 14 years.  We have many memories and friends and it is more difficult that we thought at first to say farewell.  We would appreciate your prayers.

Priority Prayer Needs this Week:

Children’s Workers

Affordable Location

Transition details of my last two Sundays

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