Why Livonia/Redford?

Why did you decide to start a church in Livonia/Redford?

I have received this question/comment in various forms over the last couple of months.  Sometimes the emphasis is on why we decided to start a new church.  Sometimes the emphasis is on why we chose Livonia/Redford.  Sometimes people are confused why we did not declare just one city.

There are a few reasons for our decision.  We live in Redford.  We grew up in Livonia.  We know that both cities have been hit by the Michigan economic recession.

But the most important reason ( and the basis for our decision) was simply because God told us to go.  God is working and moving in the lives of the people who live there.  He has already begun to draw people to Himself.  And God continues to increase our desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

Why does God chose to do the things He does?  Who am I to say.  Can the clay say to the potter how it should be formed?  Can the student instruct his Master?

We are confident that God has sent us.  We are afraid and excited and anxious for what lies ahead.  But whatever happens, the Lord has gone before us and He will be there with us.  It is His plan, His Kingdom, His people and we have decided to follow the Good Shepherd!

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  1. Wow, so well said. I am following the Good Shepherd too, and you are correct: He has gone before us and He is with us! All things are possible with Him! Blessings.

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