What did we do?

Sunday was my last day at Detroit First Church of the Nazarene.  And Monday was my first day at Plumb Line Community Church (PLCC – just because it is more cool to have initials).  I have done a lot of reading, and praying, and walking so far.  And I have made a lot of phone calls.  Details are falling into place at the speed of light.

And then today, we finally came down from our high.

Church plants seem to be very much like marriages.  Each one is different and each one has its own story.  And no matter how much you prepare ahead of time…there are surprises!  But today I was reminded why so many saints had big, hairy, audacious prayer lives…WE CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT THE LORD!

A pastor friend called today at just the right time.  He was following up with me on something else, but God prompted him to make sure we were doing alright.  He reminded me what I already knew; Satan would do his best to discourage us all.  Yet, sometimes, we really need a friend to remind us of it.

So now let me remind you…You cannot make it without the Lord.  We can plan our course, but ultimately He is the One who directs our steps.  So, spend a little more time in prayer today.  And if you think about it, pray for us too.

4 Comments on “What did we do?

  1. JoAnn I have been thinking about you. I am praying for you in these days. The time you spent at DFC has been very helpful. God is going to bless you in abundant and new unexpected ways.

    Love you


  2. I don’t forget to pray for you, your family and PLLC. What I do forget is to pray for me. This week at work has put a new meaning to “hell week”. The pressures of the duties lifted off my shoulders are yet to be felt. “Murphy (Satan)” has had us by the throat ever since 8:30 Monday morning. God Bless You over and over.

  3. Hey JoAnn Keep up the good work. God bless you. I was happy with our conversation Sunday. Love, Dad

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