A Little of This; A Little of That

PLCC has been worshiping now for 3 weeks.  We are still in “practice mode” and getting the details organized.  But each week we are a little stronger and a little more organized.  Even though we have not officially launched to the public, we have had guests every week.  It is exciting to see the core group inviting and reaching out.

PLCC  had their second compassionate outreach event.  We went through the neighborhoods collecting canned goods for our local food bank.  We collected over 200 non-perishable items.

Next Saturday, we will be going door-to-door to hand out flyers and invite people to church on December 19th.  Please pray for us and the community.

All of these great things have not been without challenges.  Our banking issues have been a great headache.  It is a mystery to me!  Banks seem to have no recollection of ever dealing with a church before.  But we seem to have found a solution.  This along with some other tedious issues are finally beginning to work themselves out.

PLCC continues to need people’s prayers.  Thank you for your faithfulness to this endeavor!

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  1. This pile of cars sort of reminds me of some board meetings. Stuck together and stacked to the ceiling.

    Happy Thanksgiving


    What time does you service begin on Sunday?

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