New Year 2011

Here comes 2011!  Can you believe it?  For many of us it has been a wild ride through 2010.  Some of us are very glad to say good0bye.  Some of us are applauding it as our best year ever (especially if you happen to be a newly wed).

As we celebrate and worship the first Sunday of the New Year, we will look at Daniel chapter 3.  Three Jewish young men find themselves faced with a dilemma, and they are thrown into a very hot furnace.  Life is like that!  Some times no matter how hard we try, we find ourself in the fires of life.

But, there in the midst of it all, is One who looks like the Son of Man.  Jesus meets us in the fires of life.  So on this New Year’s Eve; let go of the past, look forward to the future, and hold tight to the One who is with you through it all.

Happy New Year!  We love you!

JoAnn & Rob Bastien

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