Prodigal God: Finding Your Place at the Table

“I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired men” Luke 15:19

Every culture has a system of norms and morays that govern the appropriate and inappropriate actions of its citizens.  Jerusalem, during Jesus’ day, was no different.  Every person had a “place” in society’s social structure and within their family.  They had a place at the table.

Our culture today functions in a system of norms and morays as well.  Do you know your “place” in society’s social structure?  Do you know where your place is at the table of life?  Maybe the more important question:  Do you know your place at God’s table?

Over the next three weeks will will look at a parable that Jesus told.  Jesus told many parables (stories) to teach godly, life lessons to those around Him.  Come Sunday and see who is listening and hear for yourself.  And, maybe, you will even discover your place at the table.


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