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I recently picked up The Message version of the Bible on my Kindle.  It is written as a paraphrase.  So the “editor” did not translate from the original Greek & Hebrew manuscripts.  Instead, he took an English translation and then put it into today’s vernacular.  I have been enjoying reading through this version.  But I have approached it like a non-fiction novel.  Until last night.

As I read, I began to get upset thinking the author had changed some of the details of the scriptures.  In Matthew 9, he said that a synagogue ruler came and knelt before Jesus saying “my daughter is dead, but if you lay your hands on her she will live”.  As I read, I was certain he was mistaken.  It bothered me so much that I had to get out my other Bible and check to see.  But there it was plain as day.

The synagogue ruler had so much faith in Jesus that he believed Jesus could even raise his little girl from the dead.  Do we pray like that?  Do we fall at Jesus’ feet and ask Him to do the impossible?  And why did I never see that before?

Maybe we just read it that way.  Perhaps we have read it so many times that we do not see what is really written there anymore.  It took a different translation to catch my attention.  And so I want to encourage you to hear the Easter story this Sunday from a different perspective.  Read it from the Bible if you have only heard it preached from the pulpit.  Read it from a different translation than you are used to.  Find an audible version and listen to it being read aloud.  Do whatever it takes to hear it again for the first time.  And be amazed that God still can do the impossible!

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