The Missional Mind

“…move away from an “attractional” mind-set to an “incarnational” one.” Attractional means that the church’s basic strategy for reaching the lost revolves around getting “seekers” or the “unchurched” into the church building. Once inside, the opportunity to present the gospel defines the primary opportunity for evangelism…the incarnational emphasis of the missional mindset focuses on living and sharing the gospel “where life happens.” ~ Church Unique

Plumb Line Community Church is now 6 months old!  And we are still in the formative stages of our new life.  The vision and mission of PLCC continues to be to reach our community for Christ using a “missional” approach.  But the status-quo “attractional” model is a very hard mindset to break.
Most of us have grown up thinking “if we build it, they will come”.  We think that if we put a sign out front, people will flock to hear what we have to say about God.  If the sign doesn’t work, than our awesome programs will be the hook to get them in the door.  Yet, in a recent study, we learn that people don’t really ponder whether they will to to heaven.  What they really want to know is how they can have meaning and purpose.  Unfortunately, church programs do not
really offer “meaning & purpose”.
It take a lot of work and intentionality on our part to stop thinking “attractional”.  In other words, are we making plans to attract people to the church or are we making plans to be the church among the people.
Saturday, PLCC took some time to clean up a local park.  And we spent our time BEING the Church.  We were living our lives among the rest of the community…just like Jesus did.  Jesus did go to synagogues and Temple to teach and preach.  But He also spent His time in the community.  God was “incarnate” among us.  He dwelt with us.  Saturday, the Church dwelt among them.  And in the process of BEING, we met a couple families and talked and shared our time and invited them to come worship with us.  This is missional.  This is the vision…to be the Church.
As we move beyond the half year mark (and see the one year anniversary approaching), we cannot rest.  We must remain focused of being Jesus among the people.  Lives are being transformed.  God is doing amazing things in the hearts of men & women that you cannot see.  Stay strong and persevere.  And most importantly, keep praying.  Pray like you have never prayed before and watch what God will do!

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  1. Very like the early church. The distintive quality of the church lies in transforming, not reforming lives. And the best way to accomplish this is to live out our Christianity in our homes, in the marketplace, wherever people are. This is especially important in a nation that doesn’t darken the church doors. We need to be salt and light to a world that lives in darkness where they are.

    Lord, help me to see through your eyes. Remove the plank of prejudices and

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