Leaders are Readers

“Leaders are Readers”!  This is something one of my mentor friends said repeatedly.

Most people think leaders are the ones who sit back with their arms folded and tell everyone else how to do it.  But in reality, leaders are the ones out front….leading!  They are the ones setting the example for the ones who are following.  They are the ones who multi-task.  They do it bigger, bolder, and (hopefully) better than the rest.

Jesus said the student will never be above the teacher.  He meant that we cannot lead where we have not gone.  In this day of information saturation, reading is still one of the best ways we can grow as leaders.  So what are you reading?  Fiction, classics, stuff about your field?  CNN articles? And I certainly hope you are reading your Bible!

I know it takes time to read.  But you need to grow your brain as a leader.  So let’s make it a priority and a goal for 2011.

“A student is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master. ”  Matthew 10:24 [Jesus speaking]

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