The Burning House

A few friends were sitting around the table getting to know one another better.  At some point one of them asked the question: if your house was on fire, what is the one thing you would not want to leave behind?

It was not a question about sensibility, rather it was a question asking themselves to do some inner reflection.  The question became the spring board for the website

What are your most treasured possessions?  What are the things that define you?  Ultimately, they are tangible objects that express a deeper reality.  They tell a story about the inner You!

For many of us, our “house” is on fire.  Our life; our world; our reality.  And we are asleep.

Sunday, we will take a look at the book of Ezekiel.  The Israelites were asleep and their house was on fire.  But they did not wake up in time.  They never reflected on the deeper reality.  They missed it that their life, world, reality was burning to the ground.  And Ezekiel is left with the question “Can these bones live”?




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