The Art of Forgiveness

Forgiveness.  Its at the heart of the Christian faith.  Some people say that it is Jesus’ claims of being the only way to heaven that keeps people from becoming disciples.  Others will say it is because the church is filled with hypocrites.  And some say it is fear that Jesus will ask us to do something crazy; like become missionaries in the most remote jungle of Central America fighting off drug lords and pythons, although some of you would probably sign up for that!

I am sure those are each inhibiting factors.  But one of the greatest stumbling blocks is forgiveness.  It is a stumbling block for the pre-Christian and the disciple alike.

I believe forgiveness is an art.  Art is the creation of works of beauty.  Art is also a skill that is cultivated over time.  God is the Master Artist, and He is helping us to hone the art of forgiveness.  He is creating works of beauty in our hearts as we forgive those who have sinned against us.

Come Sunday and learn the art of forgiveness from the Master Artist Who forgave all of us.

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