One Mediator

“there is one God;

       there is also one mediator between God and humankind,

   Christ Jesus, himself human,

6   who gave himself a ransom for all”    1 Timothy 2:5-6 (NRSV)

We have been working our way through Paul’s letter to Timothy.  Paul is nearing death and he has penned some last words of instruction to Timothy.  Sometimes we read the Bible and we forget that it was not written in a vacuum.  Paul was writing concerning real life situations happening in Ephesus and they were complex situations.  I have heard many sermons about this portion of scripture, in particular chapter 2.  People like to point to this passage and use it to implicate that women should not wear earring or make-up or preach.  But they forget about the big picture.  There were some crazy things happening in Ephesus.  And when you get down to it, they had all forgotten there is only one Mediator.

We, Western Believers, do the same thing.  We think we can follow Jesus, but keep doing things the way we used to.  We think we can be our own lord and savior.  We have great ideas and plans and we really only need Jesus to help us get into heaven.

But Paul is reminding us that we do things differently here in the Church.  We do things God’s way.  And there is only One Mediator; Jesus.  The whole chapter is about Jesus.  It’s always about Jesus.  We think it’s about us.  But it’s not.  It’s about Jesus..reconciling us to God.  The only one who can reconcile us to God is….Jesus.  Your mother is not your mediator.  Your grandfather is not your mediator. Not Mother Theresa, not St. John or St. Mary, not even Princess Diana.  For there is only One Mediator.   And His name is….Jesus!

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  1. Jesus is the only one! HE is THE Mediator..NO ONE else. HE died for us. HE is our SALVATION! Praise HIS HOLY NAME. JESUS IS THE ONE MEDIATOR!

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