Come on Down

“During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” After Paul had seen the vision, we got ready at once to leave for Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel to them.”  Acts 16:9-10

My dad was home for the holidays.  It was great having him here.  When he returned to Alabama, he discovered that his church had closed.  He knew some things were up in the air and his pastor was leaving.  But he showed up on Sunday to find the doors locked and the lights out.  He finally reached the pastor via text and learned the district had decided it wasn’t worth keeping the doors open.

My dad lives in a rural area and the churches are small.  I understand the dynamics of a small church since I am pastoring one myself.  It is hard work and the money is tight.   You must learn to become creative with the resources God gives you.  But it gets tiring, and sometimes you just have to close the doors.

The news of this church closing probably bothered me more than my dad.  I live 16 hours away.  I sit here as a minister asking God, “Who will minister to those people?  Who will minister to my dad?”

It made me think of this verse in the book of Acts.  There is a man standing and waving and begging.  Did he say “begging”?  Begging for someone to come and help?  Begging for someone to come and help them find God and know God?  I see my dad and the rest of those people standing and waving and begging for someone to come.

I cannot go to Alabama to start a new church, even if my heart wants to!  But I can pray that God raises up someone to go.  I can also commit to minister to someone else’s dad…right here in Livonia, Mi.  The news of my dad’s church closing was discouraging, but sometimes God uses discouragement to bring encouragement.  And I was encouraged.  I was encouraged to stay true to the vision God gave to me to plant Plumb Line Community Church of the Nazarene.  God has given us a vision; a vision of a man standing and waving and begging us to come and help.  Begging us to come and help them find God and know God.

We are here to reach someone’s dad, mom, brother, sister, child, grandparent, and best friend!  We are here to tell people that God still changes lives.  We are here to tell people God is real and He loves them and He has a plan for them that includes eternal life.

Do you see him?  When you close your eyes, do you see the man standing and waving?  Do you see the vision God has given to PLCC?  May the Lord open your eyes to see the ones God is calling us to help!  Will you join us in fighting the good fight of faith?

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  1. I do see the man waving for help. I do see the vision God has given PLCC. I have seen the vision God gave Nativity also. I have seen the vision, the reason why God has brought these two church’s together. I KNOW why he brought me to the 11 o’clock service! I am ready to work with Plumb Line to serve God in any way I can. Plumb Line, can you find something I can do? I KNOW I can do SOMETHING in this small church that has found it’s way into my heart. I am waving at you. I want to be part of you.

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