“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” ~ 1Thessalonians 5:18

I hate this verse!  I have heard it quoted so many times.  And it is usually quoted in a time of great distress…to someone else.  I cannot remember a time I have heard someone quote it to themselves.  Instead, it is a pious, “holier than thou” quip that leaves the other person feeling inadequate in their faith.

The idea of giving thanks in all circumstances implies we must be thankful even in the times of great adversity.  More so, it implies we should actually be grateful FOR the adversity.  And it begs the question, “does this make God the author of evil”?  Is it really God’s will that you endure such hardship?  Is it His will to SEND you the adversity?

The question of evil has been pondered for thousands of years.  It is not my intention to solve it in this post.  For most of us we will wrestle with the idea for years.  And, hopefully, we will come to a place of trusting God in the midst of adversity.

Yet, St. Paul is reminding us to give thanks in the midst of the circumstance, not necessarily FOR the circumstance.  It is in the midst of our trials and adversities, we can know that God has a plan.  And His plan includes us.  He cares about us and He brings beauty from the ashes.

However, now that I have been walking with the Lord for many years, I am learning to also give thanks FOR the circumstances.  So often, the things that are tragic become beautiful gifts from God.  Two years ago I did not want to “give thanks” for my husband losing his job.  But God did amazing things in our lives through the journey of that particular adversity.  We learned compassion for others and dependence upon God.  We are able to truly understand others who are facing unemployment, foreclosure, and shut-off notices.  We know what it takes to apply for unemployment benefits and food stamps and Medicade for our children.  We know what it feels like to shop at the thrift stores because we have to, not simply because we are frugal.  And we know how it feels to be the recipients of other person’s charity.

God took those things and made us more compassionate.  We are able to minister to people we never would have without that experience.  He also blessed us with the ability to start our own small business.  And now we have opportunities to minister to more people who are looking for employment.  God has given us multiple opportunities to minister to people out of the ashes of that experience.

So I am still left asking and pondering the question, “Does this make God the author of bad things”?  I don’t know…and no, I don’t think so?  Here is what I do know:  I know and understand God less today than I did yesterday.  I mean that I am less certain and less arrogant that I have God all figured out in my head.  But, in my heart, I know God more today than I did yesterday.  Today, I know in the depths of my soul that God loves me and cares about me and desires for me to take His love and share it with others.

And that, my friends, is something to give thanks FOR!

Keep fighting the good fight of faith!


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