Why So Down Cast, O My Soul?

Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God! ~ Psalm 42:5

The psalmist declares his down cast soul to the Lord.  He is in a pit of sadness; a state of depression.  Depression has many causes; affliction, loneliness, chemical imbalance, grief, guilt, and shame.  Each one of these has us agreeing with the psalmist that our soul is downcast.

The Hebrew word for “downcast” shares its’ root with the word for humble or humiliation.  We find ourselves in a situation where we have been humbled.  We catch a glimpse of our true selves and realize we are limited beings.  We have no resources to cope with the situation we have been given.  We have no resources to pull ourselves up and out.  We are limited by our frail humanity.

Sometimes it is good to stay here for awhile.  Our sadness and depression is a stark reminder that we are not god.  We are dependent upon others; we are dependent upon outside sources.  Hopefully, as we linger in this state of depression and humility, we will come to the conclusion that the only way out is to look up.  For certainly, in God’s economy, the way up is to first go down.

I do not like being in that place of despair and humility.  I have experience humility many times in my life.  Often, it is God’s attempt to keep us humble before Him.  I have experienced humiliation even in the last 24 hours.  But I believe (maybe for the first time) that it is a good thing.  It has reminded me once again that I am not god.  However, it has also reminded me that I serve a God Who is greater; a God Who is limitless, a God Who is able to lift up all who are bowed low.

If you are in a state of depression and despair, then lift your eyes up.  Do not look to the hills for your help, but look to the One Who is limitless.  He has promised to lift you up, lead you out, and adorn you with splendor.

It IS always about Jesus.  It is ALWAYS about Jesus.  It is always about JESUS!

Keep fighting the good fight of faith!

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  1. When the church fails us, especially if you have been in the church for many years, you feel lost. You don’t know what to do. You feel like you’ve been mistreated, cast off. But remember, the church is the PEOPLE, not God Himself. Don’t blame God for things that happen in a building. Instead, ask God to help the people follow Him and His will and things will go right!

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