Manic Monday

I have very rarely worked a job when I actually worked on Mondays.  Tuesdays have been my Mondays for most of my life.  As a pastor, I have discovered that I cannot, and really should not, work Mondays.  For whatever reason, my brain just shuts down around Sunday afternoon and it takes all of Monday to get ready for the rest of the week.

But Monday has become my Sabbath rest.  Oh, I do stuff that most working people do on Saturdays (like grocery shop, laundry, and pay bills).  But I have found that most of my day is spent praying, reading, reflecting.

It’s not really as spiritual as it sounds.  Actually, it is what helps me get through the rest of the week.  And the crazier the week, the more time I need.  Some weeks my Sabbath gets “interrupted” and I have discovered (along with my family & congregation) that it doesn’t work well for me.  So I am learning to be more and disciplined.

We all need a Sabbath rest.  We need a day with a little more time with God.  A little more time watching the grass grow.  A little more time doing stuff to feed our soul.

As a pastor I hear the trials and troubles of so many.  It is during these Sabbath days when I take those burdens and lay them before the Lord.  I was not designed to carry them.  You are not designed to carry them.  But Jesus is more than able to carry them.  Our Sabbath is for laying down our burdens and the burdens of others so we can be refreshed for the work God has prepared in advance for us to do.

Today I prayed…

For some recent graduates as they try to find their way in life

For a young lady recovering from infection

For a dad who is doing his best to care for his little girl

For a friend who needs to be reminded that God’s grace is still amazing

For a new mother who misses her mother and wishes they could be together during this time of joy

For someone who has been unemployed for awhile and really needs some encouragement

For my children to experience the very real presence of God

For my husband’s healing

And for me to understand more and more that Jesus is both Lord and Christ.

Keep the Sabbath holy…and keep fighting the good fight of faith!

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