It’s Not About Gender!

Yesterday was an amazing day of worship!  Many times God truly showed His face.

We were singing this when He showed up…


We are in the midst of our annual camp meeting.  Our denomination takes a week to worship in the tradition of the old tent meeting revivals.  The Church of the Nazarene was born out of the holiness tent meeting revivals of the late 1800s.  And so we gather to worship together for an entire week.  We have worship in the morning and evening with Bible studies and devotionals in between.  It is simply a time to fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Yesterday was Women Clergy emphasis day.  The Church of the Nazarene has ordained women since the earliest days, even before we were an official denomination.  Yesterday, women clergy preached, taught Bible study, lead the devotions, ushered, attended the platform, and prayed.  It was all women clergy leading us into the presence of God.

We also had a special panel discussion where women considering the call could ask questions and seek direction.  I was privileged to be able to lead a devotional and encourage ladies seeking God’s wisdom about the call of ministry.  It was an amazing day!

The Spirit of God was upon us and men and women were set free in Christ!

Of all the things I heard yesterday, this one thing continues to resonate in my spirit:

“It is not about Gender.  It is about God”. ~ Dr. Susan Carole

That is it!  It is not that I, as a woman, want to prove something to the world.  It is not that women want their equal time in the pulpit.  It is about God.  It is about loving Jesus so much that we want to tell the world!  We cannot help to tell the world.  We are like Jeremiah with a fire shut up in our bones; we HAVE to tell someone that Jesus is the Messiah!  If you put tape over our mouths we may combust, for we must tell the story that :…this is why He came, this is what He does, this is Who He is” [Rev Susie Shellenberger].  He is Jesus Christ the Lord!



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  1. How long before we have the discussion: “It’s not about sexual orientation, it’s about God”? I think it will happen sooner then we all thought.

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