The Leader in You


 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” Luke 16:10

As a new Christian, I was looking for leaders. I was looking for mentors.  I was looking for someone to show me what it meant to be a Christian. And I was watching those in leadership roles. Did their actions equal what they taught? Did their values match what they were saying. Were they faithful to those they were leading? I wanted to know if they were really living the things they said they believed.

Now that I have been a pastor for several years, and now that I am in a leadership role, I have discovered something new. When I was sitting in the pews, I never realized the leaders were also watching me.

As leaders, we are always watching those we are leading. We are watching to see if they are faithful in the little things. Do they read their Bibles? Do they come to worship a little early and offer to help when they see it? Do they encourage others and speak to people outside of their circle of influence? Do they share their faith?

See, as leaders, we are watching those who are sitting in the pews because we are also looking for leaders. We are looking for those we can pour our lives into and raise up as leaders. We understand that this next generation needs people to lead and set a standard. But we have limited time and resources. So we are looking for people who are already showing signs of being a leader.

Jesus said it this way: if we are faithful in the little things, then we can eventually be trusted with the bigger things. Can I trust you to be faithful in prayer and scripture reading? Can I trust that you will show up on time if I give you a project? Can I trust you to include those who are new to our group or church? Can I trust you to follow through on your commitments? If I cannot trust you in the little things, then I am not sure I want to take the chance and trust you with the bigger things.

Jesus has left us with a great task of telling the world the Good News. And we need more leaders. We need more workers for the harvest. Are you willing to be a part of that team? Are you willing to be faithful in the little things? For He truly wants you to be a part of this team called the Body of Christ.

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  1. I love it! I guess I never did think of it, Pastor, of YOU watching ME. Well, now I better be on my best behavior, heh!? Maybe that’s what’s been wrong…I let my hair down (though it is pretty short, it tends to grow longer when we are talking in your office!) many times when we are talking, don’t I! As for the questions in your blog…basically, can you trust me….you know the answers already to that. I feel I can help reach the very young and the very old. I have worked and been with both. I want to serve Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour as a leader at Plumb Line . This is the highest priority in my life, besides the loving family that I am blessed with. Shirley Stephan

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