Heaven is for Real

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of my friend’s son. In honor of his memory, I am reblogging this original post.  We continue to lift them up in prayers. Today is only the beginning of the journey. May you know that you, too, are loved and HEAVEN IS FOR REAL!


Blessed are the poor in spirit, for their’s is the kingdom of heaven.

Several years ago I was the pastor on-call to make hospital visits.  One of our families called and they were with their son in ER.  He was in pain and dehydrated.  When I arrived he seemed to be doing much better after some fluids and the doctors wanted to send him home.  We prayed together over this little boy for God’s healing favor.

There are times when you just know something.  Have you ever experienced it?  God just speaks to your spirit and you know.  A few months later this little boy was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  I cannot even imagine the struggle they have had these last several years.  Doctors, hospitals, chemo, medicine and all the pin pricks that are supposed to be part of the cure…But with all of the advancement in medicine and technology, this little boy lost his fight with cancer today.

Last night I said to someone that we don’t need God in America because we have doctors, lawyers, and Meijer.  It was obviously spoken tongue & cheek.  Today, my friends are standing as examples of just how much we need God!  Today, my friends will make decisions that parents should not have to make.  Today they will select a casket for their child, make funeral arrangements, and make phone calls that they never thought they would make.

Death is a part of life; it is a reality.  But it still hurts.  We all know it will come one day and we cannot stop it.  But we want to stop it.  And where is God in all of this?  He is right here!  He was with them for every test, chemo session, and needle biopsy.  He was there when they held hands around the dinner table.  And He was there when their little boy took his first breath of heavenly air.  Death may be a part of life, but Heaven is for real and forever!

My friends can know that they know that they know their little boy is with Jesus in heaven.  They can know that they know that they know they will see him again in heaven.  They can know that they know that heaven is for real!  I hope you also know that heaven is for real.

Keep fighting the good fight of faith!

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  1. Why when we know it is a child, are we so grief stricken, even though we don’t even know who it is? Why, when we are supposed to believe this child is much better off in heaven, are we still saddened by this story?

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