What are You Afraid of ?


The wipers struggled to keep up with the rain coming down as the fog rolled across the road taking its time getting to the other side. I quickly glanced at the clock then back to the road as my hands gripped the wheel tighter. I should have left earlier. Why didn’t I consider the rain and the traffic?

When I was a new convert to Christianity, I used to listen to this preacher on the radio every morning. I had never heard a pastor speak like him. But, then again, I had heard very few preachers at that time in my life. He would start his program the same every time declaring, “It’s a new day”! My soul would drink in those words as if they were cold water on the desert sand. God had given me a new day. And God’s mercies were new every morning.

Now, 15 years later, I was on my way to visit his church for the first time. He didn’t know me and he didn’t know I was even coming. I simply needed to go back to the beginning. I needed a word from God. I needed a fresh word for a weary soul reminding me that is was a new day.

It was a large church.  The parking lot was overflowing. Cars parked on the grass and along the fire lane. I circled the lot a few times until I spotted someone leaving. The umbrella refused to open until the wind caught it and forced it free. So I made my way to the side entrance. Once inside, I was overwhelmed and alone in the crowd of people. People were everywhere; people who knew where they were going and what they were doing.

What was I doing? And what was I doing there? Did God have anything to say to me? He had been so silent and, truthfully, I was afraid of what He might say anyway. What did I think He would say? What did I hope He would say?

I think we avoid reading the Word of God because we are afraid of what God might say to us. Are we afraid He will yell at us? will He say He doesn’t love us or want us? Will He tell us we are stupid or fat or ugly or weak? Why are we so afraid to be still and know that He is God?

I know you believe IN God, but do you BELIEVE God? Can I tell you what He wants to say to you?

He wants you to know His mercies are new every morning. He would say that nothing in this world is able to separate you from His love. He would tell you that you have been created in His image and likeness as a creative, intelligent, daring, powerful steward of His Kingdom. He wants you to know that He likes to spend time with you, and not only does He love you, He even likes you. He also wants you to know that He has amazing plans for you in this life and the next one.

So go ahead and be still. I think you will find that His perfect love will drive away all the fear and you will know that He is God.

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  1. In your post today you say you think perhaps we avoid reading the Word of God because we are afraid of what God is going to tell us. Perhaps. In my case, and perhaps in others too, it is just so difficult for me to understand. Especially if I didn’t ever get the basics. “Where was I” when I was in Sunday school?? I don’t know, but not listening to the teacher I guess! I don’t know the basics. Is there anyone out there that will admit that with me?? Oh, I know the Christmas story, I know about lent and Easter, Pentecost, the “biggies”…but what about having a Bible study some time for “Big Kids that didn’t get it”?? I know God loves me, I know Jesus died for me, but I don’t know a lot of the “stories” in between. I’ve been reading my Bible, daily, but usually don’t come across those stories. I don’t understand the people from Israel, the Jews, Abraham, ….the end of the world! All I know is I love Jesus, I know He died so I could live eternally in heaven. I have to repent of my sins and be sincere of that repentance, do my best here on earth to share God’s Word and peace and love to all.

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