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Fall has arrived. I have seen the colors starting to change already. There will be new routines even for those who have no children. It just happens that way here in Michigan. New school schedules, new bowling leagues, new car pool teams if anybody still does that sort of thing. The time of year sets us to planning. I think we plan more this time of year than even in January.

Our society used to plan and dream. Dreaming consisted of having visions for our future. We dreamed of flying to the moon, finding the cure for cancer, and ending world hunger. In our discouraging world, many of us have quit dreaming and we have settled for bucket lists.

A bucket list is that place where you store things you would like to accomplish before you die. We want to run a marathon, hike in the Rocky Mountains, get a tattoo, and swim with the dolphins. We want to see our children grow up and get married. And we want to retire to Florida or anywhere without snow. But these are bucket list items. They are things we would really like to do or see come to fruition, but they are not dreams.

Dreams are fueled by passion. They give meaning and purpose to getting up in the morning. Our dreams are visions that make a difference and leave a legacy. Some of us have lost our dreams. Some of us never had one. In September, we are going to talk about living in a way that makes a difference. We want to do more than empty our bucket list. We want to live with purpose. Come join us on Sundays and trade your bucket list for a new dream.

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  1. If I would have been asked about my bucket list and my dream/dreams a few months ago, my reply would have been much, much different. You see then, I sort of had “stars” in my eyes. I had so many ideas, of what I could do, would do when I was finished with “the mission at hand.” I was so sure of myself, well not really sure of myself, but I was sure that God would find a place for me, He would show me the way, He would find me a place, He would show me where I was needed and what to do. Wrong. He hasn’t shown me yet. I have to keep searching I guess, and you know what, I am getting tired. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am wearing down. Maybe this is not where I am supposed to be, or maybe I am not supposed to do anything other than what I am doing now. Trouble is, I don’t feel fulfilled, I WANT to do Gods work, but I just don’t know what it is anymore. I can’t seem to find a dream anywhere, I guess I have dreamed them all up.

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