Transformation Choice


Choices. Choices. Choices. The last thing we need in America are more choices. We have more than 10 choices of toothpaste. We have more than 15 choices of laundry soap. And we have more than 50 choices of bread. Bread! We have a lot of choices.

…except when it comes to healing and wholeness.

We have been stripped of the choice to heal. We are a broken people living in a broken world. And we were destined to stay that way.

…until Christ came and gave us a choice.

Jesus came into this world. He chose us so that we would have a choice. A choice to be whole and healed. A choice to effect our world towards wholeness and healing. We NOW have a choice.

We have been discussing these choices on Sunday mornings.

The Reality Choice*:

I choose to recognize that I am not God and I am powerless over sin.

The Hope Choice:

I choose hope because God exists. I matter to Him. And God has power to change me.

The Commitment Choice:

I consciously choose to to commit my will and my life to God’s care and control.

The Housecleaning Choice:

I choose to confess my sins to myself, to God, and to someone I trust. And to receive God’s forgiveness.

The Transformation Choice:

We are here this week. We choose transformation. We choose to let God change us. It will be a tough choice. We may have to say good-bye to some people and some old ways of doing things. We will certainly have to say good-bye to having it our way. It will be tough. But it will be good.

Are you ready to choose life? Are you ready to choose abundant life? Come journey with us this Sunday. God is about to do something amazing and you will want to be there when it does.

Keep fighting the good fight of faith!

*from Celebrate Recovery’s sermon series

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