Don’t Worry! Be Happy!


You cannot serve both God and money. Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life…Matthew 6:24, 25

Money, money, money! Some say it’s what makes the world go ’round…or is that love? Jesus was rather bold and forthright about money. He understood the power and stronghold it could have on us. And He warned us that money would attempt to master us, control us, and rule our lives. We might even be overcome with the desire to pursue wealth and riches at any cost.

Jesus also told us that we could not have more than one master at a time. We only have the ability to be faithful to one master. If we try to serve more than one master, we will neglect one or both of them. Therefore, we needed to make a choice between serving money (worldly wealth) or God.

There is no time like the month of December when this scripture seems more relevant. Yet, it is the time it falls more than any other on deaf ears. As Christians, we are called to take a time-out, prepare during Advent, and celebrate our Savior’s birth. But we find ourselves torn between serving two masters; God & Money.

We worry more about money at Christmas than any other time of year, except perhaps January when the bills come due. We are concerned about having a gift for everyone; teachers, bosses, coworkers, parents, children, siblings, the lady at the bank. We are worried if our gifts will be good enough, big enough, appreciated enough. We worry if there will be enough food, enough cookies, and enough decorations to create the festive atmosphere. Let’s face it! We worry.

But Jesus tells us the secret to our worry. He tells us if we make Him our Master, then we don’t have to worry. If money is our master, we will always worry. But with God as our Master, we can fix our eyes on different things.

During Christmas, let’s fix our eyes on something other than money. Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus. Let’s be concerned with celebrating the Savior’s birth even if we have no gifts under the tree. Let’s seek first the Kingdom of God rather than worry about the food and cookies. Let’s serve One Master this Christmas and let Him worry about tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

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