Imaginary Jesus


Imaginary Jesus; we all have them. Each of us has created a Jesus to fit our wants and needs. Our imaginary Jesus comes in different shapes and sizes. Some of us view Him as a good teacher or a venerable sage. We have stereotyped our Jesus to look like a hippie, a soldier, or a politician. Sometimes Jesus speaks nothing but King James’ English and votes Republican. Sometimes He is dressed in organic cotton drinking fair-trade coffee.

Whatever your concept of Jesus, it is probably a little warped compared to when Christ walked the streets of Jerusalem. Yet, Jesus says about Himself that He is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. He is a person, not an idea.

In 2014, I am challenging us to leave our imaginary Jesus behind. Let us look for and embrace the real Christ. Your challenge is to read through the four Gospels paying special attention to the words of Christ. It may help to get yourself a Bible without the words of Jesus in red. Then highlight Christ’s words as you read. Take time this coming year to focus on Jesus, the real Jesus, and you will find He is greater than you ever imagined.

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