Stress! It seems to be unavoidable. It comes in the form of relationships, money, sex, work, kids, and any situation that is out of our control. In Michigan, it can even come in the form of SNOW.

Over the next several weeks, we are going to be talking about stress in our lives. Stress causes us to lose sleep. It gives us headaches and backaches and other ailments. It causes us gray hair and premature aging. Stress is even linked to heart disease, stroke, mental illness, and cancer. Have you come to the conclusion yet that is is a bad, bad thing? I’m stressed just writing about it.

Jesus was very emphatic when He said, “Do not worry”! (His emphasis, not mine). I guess He was concerned about you and me. So concerned, He phrased it as a command. Stress…can kill you.

St. Paul said to the Believers in Philipi to be stressed out about nothing, niets, nada…get it? Oh Paul, you are so clueless! I know that’s what you are thinking. It’s what I think when I read it. But Paul was in prison when he wrote it. And not some sweet, minimum security facility with art classes and prison Bible studies. It was a crappy place to be.

Sunday we will discuss being stressed about our future. The future is so unsecured.  It can change in a moments notice. Tomorrow you may lose your job, your spouse, your child, or even your life. A tornado might destroy your home you lived in for 30 years. There will be floods and famines and unexpected emergencies. It can keep us up at night and drive us mad.

Do you want peace about your future? Let’s come and reason together. Let’s hear the words of St. Paul and let them resonate in our spirits. Come and find rest in the presence of God. See you Sunday.

You are a winner in Christ!

One Comment on “STRESSED!

  1. I don’t know how I could describe stress any better than you did, in your above paragraphs. The zebra tells it all! Sometimes you feel as though you are just coming apart when you are stressed, stripe by stripe, brain cell by brain cell! That’s when I just have to get ahold of myself and say “hey, (or hay depends if your the zebra) ,” and perhaps slow down a bit, maybe take a look at things and ask myself if I just have too much on my plate. Maybe delegate a few things to others. I used to do everything myself, wanting to have a good job done, but learned I had to delegate to have less stress. It helps. That goes for all kinds of positions, at home, the work place, in your social life.. . a person can’t take all the load on everywhere….If you are this kind of person, you have to relax and take time to look at AND smell the roses, unless of course your allergic….don’t get too close, you’ll get all stressed again!

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