Settling for Second

silver medal


The Women’s USA hockey team took a silver medal today. They missed the gold by inches. Some of these women have trained all of their lives for this moment. But they trained with the gold in mind, not the silver. As they took the medal stand, some of the team mates were teary-eyed over not winning the gold. They must have felt they settled for second.

I certainly don’t want to dismiss their disappointment. There have been times in my life when I tried my hardest and didn’t make it. Yet, as they were standing there donning their silver medals around their necks, I was thinking their failure is greater than most people’s victories. Hopefully, in a week or two, these women will realize how few make it to the Olympics. Hopefully, they will realize how few make it to the Olympics and win a medal, a silver medal.

Life is full of disappointments. We didn’t get the promotion. We didn’t get the award. We missed the scholarship by a few points. Sometimes the disappointments seem insurmountable. I am not very good at looking for the silver lining. You may not be either. But we miss out on the great things of life when we are still mourning the disappoints of yesterday.

For you, and for me, it may be time to acknowledge our disappointments. Today. And it may also be time to acknowledge our blessings. It may be time to acknowledge the things you have achieved, the difference you have made, the influence of your life upon others.

You will not win the gold, my friend. You will probably never be vice president. Most likely, you will not take first in the Boston Marathon. But you are still a winner. Every day is a chance to make a difference; to be all God has called you to be. Today, realize you are blessed and you are a blessing.

You can win in 2014!

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