Vision 100



Last fall, in October, we dedicated our recently purchase & renovated facility at Plumb Line Community Church. It was so exciting and incredibly humbling. I stood in the sanctuary the night before and wept at all God had done. He had changed my life, my family’s life, and the lives of all those who call PLCC “home”. And, over the last year, we continued to watch in amazement as we reaped the harvest of three years of work.

In January, I began to ask God what He had planned for our faith community. All of the things He had called us to do, the goals we had fixed our eyes upon, God had brought to completion. Yet, I knew He was not finished with us. God was still calling us to reach others with the love of Christ. He began dealing with my heart about what we must do for the Kingdom of God.

At District Assembly, Dr. Porter was preaching about planting churches and reaching people for Christ. I half joked to my congregation “what if God called us to plant another church”. No worries. He has firmly planted my feet in Livonia. But then Dr. Porter asked this question: what if God asked you to double the size of your church in the next year? what would you have to do?

As soon as those words were spoken, I knew God was speaking directly to me. I knew God was calling PLCC to step out on faith in a new way. God was asking us to reach 100 people for Christ in the next year! And He was asking me to be responsible for 25 of them.

Some may think this is radical. Actually, if we kept doing what we are doing now, if we simply harvested what was planted in the last three years, we would probably grow by 30-50 people anyway. We would see the Kingdom of God increase by simply maintaining. We would reap a harvest in our own strength. However, God never calls us to maintain the status quo. God has not called His Church to function in their own strength. God wants to do something that requires God’s strength. He wants to do something where we can do nothing but give Him the glory for the things that were done.

God wants us to have faith that moves mountains. He wants to give us a God-sized challenge.

Here is our vision. Vision 100. In the next 12 months, PLCC is committing to reach 100 people for Christ. I will take responsibility for 25 of them. And we will see our faith community double in size. It means we will need to be on our knees in prayer. We will need to rely on the power of God. We will need to do whatever God tells us to do to see His vision accomplished.

I believe we can win in 2014! Keep the faith!


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