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Many of us in the western world will struggle with food and/or weight issues at some point in our lives. Women struggle more than men simply because our hormones cause us to crave extra fat and calories at least once every 28 days. It’s not that we have less self-control than men. Rather, it’s our body’s way of saying “hey, be fruitful and multiply. have a baby” which totally worked when we were spitting out 8-10 kids a piece. Now, we have scaled back on babies and manual labor and introduced television to our daily routine. But our bodies still have an agenda.

I have hit the, dare I even admit it, middle age years. Who ever thought 40 was a good idea? And so my body has entered slow mode, but 40 years of eating habits don’t die quickly. I came across this food-shaming tip from Esther Blum. It has helped to put things into perspective as I try to establish a new norm for eating habits.

We fall into the trap of food-shaming. We shame ourselves for what we eat and don’t eat. It creates guilt which can lead to more poor eating. Here is Esther’s philosophy:

“My philosophy on how I keep my life balanced with indulgences and why I eat chocolate cake when I truly want it:

  • because it’s part of life and I’m human
  • because pleasure is my favorite nutrient
  • because I want it and it tastes so darn good
  • because I savor every single bite and stop when I am satisfied, usually about halfway through
  • because during the course of an ordinary day I spend more time thinking about the big rocks (protein, veggies, fats, root veggies) than I do thinking about my indulgences
  • because I believe in the power of chocolate and how good it can feel to scratch an itch
  • because guilt is no longer part of my vocabulary when it comes to food
  • because I’m allowed!”

Check out for more information.

Futher reading: Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat: The Paleo Chic Diet

Now get out there and live your life!


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