So what do you do all day?

my day

So what did you do today?

My husband asks me this almost every day. I used to feel he was interrogating me. But now, after 24 years, I think he is just curious. I am bi-vocational which means I have more than one job. I mean, other than being a mom. I am a pastor, church planter to be specific. And I am the admin for our small business. So, invoices, payroll, vendors, etc.

No two days are the same for me. And that is how I like it. So the thought occurred to bullet one of my days.

  • Alarm at 5:45am (okay, I did hit the snooze…twice)
  • Pack daughter breakfast
  • Trip over dog
  • Make coffee
  • Drive daughter to school (30 min one way)
  • Coffee at Panera (how do you think I make it through the day?)
  • Solve internet issue over the phone
  • Prayer
  • 30 min sermon prep
  • Meeting
  • Listen to podcast
  • Pick up daughter
  • Listen to 2nd podcast
  • Orthodontist appointment
  • Explain to husband my schedule for the day (so far…because he asks every day)
  • Drop daughter at home
  • Emails to make earnest plea for volunteers
  • Cut checks for vendors & mail
  • Other emails
  • Solve printer problem
  • Gym time
  • Prayer & devotions
  • Chiropractic appointment
  • Stop and pick up coffee & hamburger buns (2X since first place didn’t have buns)
  • Throw burgers on grill
  • Update website and close registration
  • Make additional plea for volunteers (seriously, life happens)
  • Second meeting cancelled
  • Write Blog Post
  • Mildly freak out over daughter’s last day of school and conversation with God about how fast time is going
  • A little Netflix
  • A load of laundry
  • Trip over dog
  • Reading
  • Double check alarm clock before going to bed (didn’t we just do this?)
  • Thank God for A/C and allergy medicine before retiring for the night

So tomorrow I do this all over again. Well, not really. It’s a new day and I’m not sure what will happen. But I know God will be there…and I will probably drink coffee.


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