I never leave home without it…

leaving home

Albuterol is my friend.

In my early 20s, I was diagnosed with asthma. The physician said it was probably active in childhood, but it had become acute in early adulthood. He wrote me an RX for an inhaler and, well, that was that.

For the next several years, I went about life as usual until a bout with bronchitis almost landed me in the hospital. My experience caused me to seek out an asthma specialist.

My new physician was not gifted with a great bedside manner. Actually, he was rather harsh. I hate to say he reprimanded me, but he did. Okay, he yelled at me. But it got my attention.


I had not taken my asthma seriously. Most days, I didn’t even carry my inhaler. He told me, “girl, albuterol is your friend”!

In the USA, people still die from asthma. Most of them don’t die because of lack of access to medicine. They die because they trivialize asthma. They die because they don’t take it seriously.

As a pastor, I often see Christians who trivialize their faith in Christ as I did my asthma. They trivialize what Christ did on the cross. They do not take their relationship with Jesus seriously. So many will die without knowing a Savior who came to bring them freedom and life-giving breath.

However, it is not because their is a lack of access. We have churches on every corner. We have more bibles on our shelves than we can read. They have the RX for salvation of their souls. Yet, we fail to realize the seriousness of ignoring our relationship with God in Christ. We fail to recognize that God is as necessary to our souls as oxygen is to our lungs.


Today, I am tethered to my inhaler. I never leave home without it! It is a constant reminder that I am not guaranteed the next breath I take. It is also a reminder that God is just as necessary to my soul. And my relationship with Him should be a natural as breathing.

Some of us have fallen asleep in a recliner. We are living a life of unconscious existence. And we are unaware how close our souls are to death. Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart. Instead, wake up to the gift of His Presence and may it be as natural as breathing.  Be encouraged. Reach out to someone who knows what it means to walk with Jesus and wake up to the reality that there is life-giving breath in Christ.

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