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So let’s get to know one another…

Here are 20 fun facts about me. Check it out and see if you can relate. Then I hope you will share 20 fun facts about yourself in the comments.



  1. I’m a redhead married to a redhead and we have 2 redheaded children
  2. Coffee over tea every single time
  3. I have no tatoos, but if I did it would be my life verse: 1 Peter 3:15 as an armband with coffee bean flowers (do coffee beans have flowers?)
  4. I’m a “who done it/police-crime drama” junkie. Law & Order (original) was my favorite series ever. My current obsession is The Blacklist. James Spader, seriously!
  5. Food allergies? It would be a shorter list to tell you what I CAN eat
  6. I was unable to go to movie theaters for years because of anxiety/phobeas. The Son of God movie was the first one I saw in 15 years
  7. My favorite actor? Tom Hanks
  8. I do not have a favorite color
  9. I have read 25 books already this year (2016)
  10. My favorite super hero? Captain America! Although Spiderman is a close second.
  11. I’m 5′ tall…unless I fluff my hair and wear heals
  12. Asthma sucks!
  13. I am NOT an animal person!!! But 4 years ago my daughter talked me into getting a dog. Her name is Belle and I call her Bellarina. She is a Shih-Tzu/Poodle mix and she broke me! belle
  14. We have a pet turtle named Speedy (did I mention I’m not an animal lover???)
  15. The first year our church plant held a VBS (vacation bible school), we gave away goldfish on the last night…real ones. My leadership team thought it would be nice to give me one for my office so the kids could come in and help feed it. It’s still alive…after 4.5 years! His name is Zeek. (How do I keep getting these animals?)
  16. My first job was as a cook at Hardees
  17. My first car: 1978 Ford Fairmont (army green)
  18. My husband and I had our first date at Big Boy (Frisch’s for you Ohio-ans)
  19. I moved 21x before I was 21 years old. But I have now lived in the same house for 24 years.
  20. I’m a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do married to a blackbelt with 2 children who are also blackbelts 🙂

Hey, what about you? Share some fun facts so I can get to know my readers. God has created us unique to give the world it’s wonderful flavor!


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  1. 1) I really love the reality cooking shows… Masterchef, Hells Kitchen and Mssterchef junior. K tend to think that if I watch long enough that I’ll learn through them.
    2). I had a dog named SheRa
    3) I have seen New Kids on The Block in Concert, along with Garth Brooks, Richard Marx – 3 times, Cher, Alan Jackson, Sara Mcgoulghin, (spelling), Rihanna. At Cher Cyndi Lauper was there.
    4) I have been skydiving twice. Tandem from 15,000 ft. Both times I got sick in mid air after the parachute opened.
    5) I’m feel like in a room full of introverts I’m an extrovert. In a room full of extraverts I am the introvert.
    6) I enjoy reading and I love Mitch Alboms books. I have 3 signed. I love his opinion columns.
    7). If you are reading this and know me. I am allergic to chocolate.
    8) my thumbs are double jointed
    9) as a kid my family had lots of pets that included iguanas, Guinea pigs and turtles who were allowed to play in the back yard. The turtle escaped several times. The neighborhood kids would assist us in hunting for our turtle.
    10) I love schedules but I am also spontaneous. I like to have a plan for the day and I get frustrated with delays and changes.
    11) I can’t stand to be late. I get hot, shaky and can’t calm down. This is hard for me because since I have had kids and got married to an easy going man I’m almost always late. Ahhhhhh
    12) If I could travel to any destination it would be to Australia to see a rainforest, snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, meet my pen pal, and more.
    13) I am terrified of Severe Weather, especially when Tornados can flatten entire cities in ( minutes.
    14) I like to keep peace between people.
    15) I lived 3 blocks from the library going up. I loved to read. One of my all time favorites as a teen was. The True Confessions of Chsrlotte Doyle.
    16) I have been to Poland. I was in Radom and visited the place where Pope John Paul II passed away the actual day he passed away in 2005.
    17) in college a girl that I was friends with as a kid told me she didn’t like me when we were kids because when we first met around the age of 7, I coaxed her in to coming to my house by telling her that I had a purple elephant in my back yard. Funny thing is I stopped attending Gibson School for the Gifted just before she started. I wonder why a gifted person didn’t have an imagination like mine and why she’d even believe that a purple elephant existed.

    18) My Great Great Uncle was a famous baseball player for Chicago – Billy Pierce. Must be where my talents come in.

    19) the first bible verse I learned was “For The Wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ Our Lord”

    20) I once knew The Gettsburg Address by heart.

    • Wow! I would totally come to your house to see a purple elephant, but I would still be your friend if there wasn’t one. Imagination is the building blocks of innovation. Keep dreaming! Oh, and I’m sorry about the chocolate. I will eat yours and you can have my onions. 😉

  2. 1) I have no biological siblings, so I’ve adopted most of my close friends as sisters and brothers.
    2) I was told I was in labour with my son at a regular weekly checkup on the given delivery date: I still didn’t believe them, but drove myself to the hospital anyway.
    3) I’ve been to Europe twice, and both times were before the advent of the Euro.
    4) I changed my major from Finance to Theatre my 3rd year in college. I graduated with 2 degrees: a B.S. in German and a B.A. in Theatre, and my current job? Director of Accounting.
    5) I prefer to use the British spelling of words (i.e. “colour,” “labour,” “favourite”) whenever possible. I just think they look better.
    6) My favourite colour is purple, even though I wear a lot of pink.
    7) I don’t bring up my first marriage much, because it lasted only a short while, and my ex-husband is not the biological father of my son. It (the marriage) was generally just a bad idea.
    8) I’ve always had cats. My first 2 cats that I remember were feral outdoor cats that only would let me or my father pet them: Frisky and Snoopy (I named the one Snoopy because she was black and white like Snoopy from Peanuts, also she liked “snooping” around).
    9) I’ve never really liked dogs, because I’ve always been afraid of being bitten: but on a case-by-case basis, I have been known to make friends with certain dogs.
    10) I refused to get a cell phone when they were first getting to be popular – I didn’t like the idea of carrying around an electronic device all the time that would allow people to get in touch with me whenever they liked. I got my first cell phone in 2000 because I was moving back to Michigan from California and driving alone, so I let my friend talk me into one – and so was the beginning of the end. I’m now tethered to the darn thing constantly.
    11) Another thing I let my friend talk me into was getting my ears pierced: I was 23 or 24, and it hurt like the dickens! I cried so hard, and got such nasty looks from the mothers in line as the little girls lined up were starting to voice their objections to getting their own ears pierced after witnessing my utter pain. A few weeks later, after I ripped the studs out, the holes closed up and I never went back for more.
    12) One time I decided to cut out of school early with a friend – we both walked right by the principal’s office on our way out. She got detention: I didn’t.
    13) My mom made me go to church every Sunday morning and to Awana every Wednesday night growing up: but she didn’t go. Instead, she gave someone gas money to take me. When I turned 13, I started hiding in the bathroom right before service started, and once I was satisfied everyone was in the sanctuary, I sneaked out and would either go hang out at the bakery across the street, or walk 6 blocks over to see if the boy I liked was home.
    14) I’m a bit of a hoarder: I find it difficult to let go of things.
    15) My best friend from high school is the older sister of my fiance.
    16) I can’t stand the taste of coffee, but LOVE the smell. I will drink coffee, as it is a vehicle for caffeine to enter my body, but it needs to be loaded with sugar. Tea also needs sugar, but less than coffee does.
    17) I can’t swim. I’m petrified of my face being in the water. This makes it slightly difficult to wash my face, but I’ve found workarounds. This is the primary reason I was never baptized, despite being raised in a Baptist church.
    18) I absolutely love Monty Python. I know all the words to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. My favourite Python movie is Life of Brian. My favourite Flying Circus episode is a toss-up between Dennis Moore and How to Recognize Different Types of Trees from Quite a Long Way Away.
    19) The three types of movies I like are comedies, musicals, and musical comedies.
    20) I don’t have a favourite food, but I am a picky eater. (read: I don’t like vegetables except corn and potatoes; and I have a strong dislike of rarex meat and raw fish. Anything that looks like it was once alive really doesn’t belong on my plate. Fruit, grains, and chocolate are good choices for me.)

    • Okay, that’s sort of funny about the ear piercings…I mean the part about scaring the little girls. I had mine pierced too and then discovered I was allergic to most earrings. Too cheat to buy the expensive ones I guess. BTW, we could always work something out with the whole water on the face thing if you really want to be baptized. 🙂

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