How to Pray the Lord’s Prayer


We recently started a new sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6). We are taking each verse of the prayer and breaking it down. Jesus gave us this prayer as a model. In the section preceding this prayer, Jesus tells His disciples that if they want to experience the Kingdom of Heaven in their lives, then their righteousness needs to surpass that of the Pharisees. Then He says, “pray like this…”

Our Father, who is in heaven; hallowed be Your Name

Sermon summary? We talked about how God is both familiar and holy Other. We want to find the balance in our prayers and recognize this about God.

Your Kingdom come: Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven

Sermon summary? We said to pray “Your Kingdom come” is a dangerous prayer. Be ready for what God has planned next.

This week:

Give us this day our daily bread

We understand that when we pray for our “daily bread” we are really asking for God’s provision. It’s going to be about more than food.

We hope you will join us Sunday at 11am. In the meantime, you can listen to podcasts here.



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