If you only had one week to live…


What if you only had one week to live? 7 days. 168 hours. Roughly 10,000 minutes.

A friend of a friend was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. He recently received the phone call none of us want to receive. Modern medicine had done everything it could and, short of a miracle from God, he had about one week to live.

One week until his organs would begin to shut down. One week until the pain would cause him to slip in and out of consciousness. One week until he would say good-bye one last time.

Doctors are not God, though. They can only give an estimate. So seven days may be more like twenty…or three.

What if it were you? What if you had only seven more days?


I have asked myself this question so many times, but I never answer it. I’m afraid to. It’s big! Bigger than big. The meaning of life big. But when it’s you with only seven days, then you don’t play around with philosophy. You want practical, realistic, solid answers.

In 2007, Tim McGraw recorded his hit single “Live like You were Dying”. It’s a fun, sweet song about a life-changing crisis. We should all face one or two crises in our lifetime to realign our life with our values. But what if you had only one week to realign…everything?

Your answer will be¬†dependent upon how messed up your life is currently. If you’re like the thief on the Cross next to Jesus, then you need to spend most of that time getting right with God. If you’re an atheist, seriously, don’t take a chance. Make peace. Bet the bank.

If you know the Lord, then you have more options of how to spend those last seven days. Interesting. Jesus always gives us more options.

If I had to answer this question…

I would take half a day to ask and extend forgiveness. I would go a little deeper with God to search my heart and let go.

I would make certain the practical things were handled; like bank accounts, beneficiaries, and passwords.

I would disconnect my social media accounts right after I wrote one final blog post.

I would have everyone over for dinner in our cramped, little living room.

I would send one year’s worth of birthday cards to my family.

Then, I would sit and be in the presence of my loved ones and listen to whatever they had to say.

What about you?

Hmm. Maybe we shouldn’t wait until we only have one week.




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