Presence [book review]


In 2016, I have read or listened to 42 books. One of my favorite reads of this year has been Presence by Amy Cuddy (published 2015). The audiobook is read by the author which I highly recommend. I’m sure the written media is equally excellent, but there is something about hearing the stories that are inspiring.

Amy opens the book with her own story of a serious auto accident and head trauma.  I don’t want to be a spoiler. So I will only tell you she talks about the obstacles she struggles to overcome. Most importantly, she struggles to learn to be present and authentic while adjusting to this “new normal”.

Amy’s trials provoke a passion within her to teach others how to be their best and boldest selves. It is not about arrogance, but about confidence to be the people we were destined to be.

Cuddy shares biological and social scientific studies to enhance her discoveries. It is the science as well as the stories that give credibility to the book. Even more so, her science and stories bring hope to those who struggle with self-confidence in an extroverted, fast paced world.

This book is for anyone who struggles with self-confidence. It is for the introvert who desires to present their best self in the moment instead of after the fact. It is for the leader who desires to help others be their best selves. Really, it is for anyone who wants to be more present in this life.

The new year is just around the corner. And 2017 could be your best year yet. Add this book to your reading list. Don’t spend 2017 sleeping in a recliner. Learn to be present and experience life with eyes wide open.


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