Scripture Writing Plan for the New Year


Scripture writing plans are a new concept for me. It’s helpful to write our scripture at the end of a prayer journal entry. In the past, I have embraced writing scripture on note cards and taping them to cupboard doors. Each time I went for a cup or bowl, I was reminded to meditate on the Word of God.

Recently I was introduced to the idea of writing out scripture in a daily journal. It seems silly when we have the written (printed) word right in front of us. And then I considered the scribes of old, even the saints of the New Testament. They copied scripture daily because there were limited scrolls to go around. There were no printing presses to mass produce the Gospel of John. So they would copy the scriptures for personal use and to share.


Today, we have plenty of ways to mass produce the Bible. We can have it in physical Bibles and e-versions. We can read it from our app or listen online. But there is power in writing out scripture by hand. Scientific studies show that students who take notes long hand vs. electronically remember more of the materials…even before studying for the test.

In my personal experience, I find the act of writing out the scripture captures my heart and mind more intentionally. Certain words, phrases, and passages begin to stand out even after I have finished the journal entry for the day.

I hope for the new year you will consider trying your hand at a scripture writing plan. I have included one for January at the bottom of the blog. Whatever you decide, make scripture part of your 2017 plan!



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