Happy New Year 2017!


You are closing out the new year today! 2016 has been great, terrible, volatile, emblazoned, nominal, and…you fill in the blank.

I’m closing out the new year officiating a funeral. Funerals are never easy. And this one was more difficult for me because I hardly knew this beautiful soul. But the family was precious and it was a privilege to walk with them the last few days.

They shared so many stories. Fun stories. Sad stories. Lovely stories. I wish I had been able to meet her before she was sick. They had created memories to last a lifetime.

I left the funeral home with a new desire to create memories. There is a new commitment to be more “present” in the new year. Of all the resolutions we could make in 2017, I hope you will consider being present. Perhaps we could turn off the TV, turn down the radio, and put away our phones. Not forever. Just long enough to really see the moments we are experiencing around us.

Here’s to 2017! May it be a great year of creating new memories!


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