He Calls Us to be Light

I have seen their misery. I have heard their cries. I am concerned about their suffering. And I am sending you.


God sends us. He looses us to be part of His redemptive plan. He is the God of light and justice. And He calls us to be light-bearers and justice fighters.

God loosed my spiritual chains many years ago. He delivered me from emotional and spiritual entrenchment. And then He sent me to be a light-bearer in a dark world. I don’t always want to be a light-bearer. Sometimes I feel like Moses. Who am I, Lord? I’m one light. One voice. One person. One pray-er.


Last week, a friend died. He was young, and his death left too many unanswered questions about what happened. We may never know, but God knows.

My friend was someone who had a gaping hole in his soul. A hole that I could not fill. I know the One who could have filled that hole. And I tried to bring light into his world and tell my friend about the One who fills the empty places.

But sometimes the pain is immense. Sometimes the hole is as deep as the sea. Sometimes the darkness is overpowering.

Today I asked God that same question: who am I, Lord? And He reminded me that I was not God. Yet God is with me. The Existent One Who Abides with me was also with my friend when the darkness became too much.

I confess I am an American who would rather have an American Jesus than the real Jesus. I want Jesus to take my problems and unanswered questions solve them in 30 minutes and serve the solution to me in a big red box with a bow on top.

Instead, Jesus says, “I am with you…until the very end of the age”. So, today, I am trusting God that His love, compassion, and justice are bigger than my doubts and fears. I am trusting that the God of all the earth will do what is right and good. And I am trusting that I will see my friend again when we both stand on the other side of glory in the presence of the Existent One Who Abides with us.


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