When the Universe conspires against you


There are people who are born and it seems the Universe has conspired against them from day one. Maybe they were born addicted to drugs or in poverty or into a broken home. Maybe they had health problems or parents who didn’t know how to love. These are the ones who need the love of God the most. And they are the ones who seem most afraid of Him.

There’s a story in one of the Gospels where Jesus heals a person like this…one whom the Universe seems to have conspired against. We don’t know his name, only his ailment.


The Gospel writer says he is possessed by a multitude of demons, so they called him “Legion”. In other words, he had so many problems that his problems became his identity. And he was lost inside himself. Today, we would simply say he was mentally ill.

Legion saw Jesus and asked for help. Jesus had compassion on him. Jesus loved him so much that he drove those demons out of the man and into a herd of pigs nearby. The pigs went wild and ran over a cliff into the sea. But the man was free; calm; peaceful…probably for the first time in his life.


The townspeople, however, went crazy! Love is powerful. It’s the most powerful force on earth. King Solomon said that “love is stronger than death”!

We know this. Our love even transcends the deaths of our loved ones. It’s why it hurts when they are gone. So love is powerful and, for some people, the power of love is frightening. The townspeople were so afraid of the power of love that they asked…begged Jesus to leave.

This is so true in life. Some people encounter the power of love and they are changed. Others encounter the power of love and they are afraid.


Celine Dion, in her song, says “sometimes I am frightened but I’m ready to learn about the power of love”.

It’s alright to be afraid. The man named Legion? He was afraid too. But he was ready.

Iknow what it is to be afraid. But, as someone who has encountered the power of love, I have discovered that God’s perfect love will drive away fear. And you will be like Legion…at peace and in your right mind.

It’s interesting when we talk about being in our right minds. We imply logic and reason have come to the situation. It’s our left brain hemisphere, though, that controls logic and reason. It’s our right hemisphere that gives us the sense of oneness with God and others. And what most of us need more than anything is oneness with God and others. Without it, we feel like things are out of control.

I leave you with the words of the angel, Gabriel, “Do not fear! You have found favor with God”!

Today, ask God to show you the power of His love. And you will experience a peace that surpasses your understanding. Take heart, my friend. Jesus has overcome the conspiracy of the Universe with the power of Love!


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