40 Days of Prayer


We can pray here or there. We can pray anywhere.

We worship a God who is not bound by time, space, or WiFi. Thank you, God!

We are in the middle of 40 days of prayer. Our resource is a book of prayers by Max Lucado called, Pocket Prayers. Here is the prayer from Day 26:

Heavenly Father, your love and acceptance don’t stop. You are the well of grace and love that I must draw from daily. Help me today to love those who are hard for me to love. Humble me in their presence and show me a side of them I’ve been too prideful to see. Be with those people and protect them. Whatever past pain or hurt is causing them to lash out, bring it to the surface and heal them. Thank you for your redemptive nature and your ability to break down walls among your children. Through Christ, I pray, Amen.

Take a moment today and pray this prayer. Pray it for yourself and someone you care about. Then pray it for someone you don’t like or struggle to like. You might find grace and peace on the other side of those words.


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