33 Year Wait List


In those days…

Now in those days, a decree went out from Caesar Augustus, that a census be taken of all the Roman world.

Joseph belonged to the line of David and he went to Bethlehem to register with his wife, Mary. She was very close to delivering their firstborn son.

In those days…

It was 25 years since Octavian had been crowned Caesar Augustus; king of the Roman Empire. He declared that the entire Roman world should come and register their allegiance to him as Lord and King. But God had a sense of humor.


In those days…

There were no hotels or Holiday Inns. Some could be found along the busy Roman roads. Small towns, like Bethlehem, would not have “inns”. People built guests room or upper rooms that were more like a modern day loft. Sometimes their guest rooms were on the roof.

In those days…

It was time for the baby to be born. And there was no room in the upper room. It was probably full of extended family members; each one who had come to pledge their allegiance to Caesar Augustus by registering their family.

I wonder if Mary told Joseph that the only gift she wanted this Christmas was a little privacy. Who wants twenty onlookers when you are in labor?


Mary gave birth and laid Jesus in the manger. It was the best they could do for a little privacy.

Here the true Lord and King rested in a feeding trough. While Caesar demanded the people come from afar to pay him homage, the One True Lord and King volunteered to come from afar and dwell among us.

That night, there was no room in the upper room. But He would be worshipped and glorified. Thirty-three years later, there would be room in the upper room. Here the Lord and King would celebrate the Passover. But instead of being worshipped and glorified, he would be betrayed and condemned.


Christmas is more than celebrating the coming of our Lord. It is the story that prepares us for the Good News of Easter. It points us to Jesus and it offers us hope for salvation.

Let Christmas open your eyes to the bigger picture; the story of truth and grace that is found in the Resurrected King.

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