Seven: Mutiny Against Excess Week 2

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Our mutiny against excess is moving along!

Week 2 is around the corner: Clothing!

We have an abundance of clothing in the US. If you work outside the home, then you have even more. Uniforms and professional dress require us to maintain a larger wardrobe. This week we will try to function with only 7 articles of clothing.

These items DO NOT count: undergarments, wedding ring, glasses or Fitbit, wallet/purse, and you get 1 pair of PJs. If you wear earrings and you are concerned about your holes closing, then wear one pair all week (per hole). Weirdest sentence ever. If you wear earrings, then you know what I mean.

These items DO count: accessories, hats, shoes, coat, top, bottoms, etc.

Some modifications. If you wear a suit to work, then you can count the jacket & pants as one item. If you wear a uniform (i.e. police, mail carrier, etc.), then your full uniform counts as one item. 


The purpose of this week is to remind us how much we own. It is also to show us how much of our time revolves around our outer appearance. Purchasing clothes. Washing them. Dry cleaning them. Deciding what to wear. Deciding what to wear with what we are wearing. Maintaining an image.


You will need to customize week 2 for your lifestyle. Here is what the author used for her journey. Keep in mind she is a professional speaker.

Author option:

1 pair of jeans, 1 knit pant, 1 long-sleeve black t-shirt, 1 short-sleeve black t-shirt, 1 short-sleeve gray t-shirt, 1 brown dress, 1 pair of cowboy boots, and 1 pair of athletic shoes. She chose to count the 2 pair of shoes as one item since she has to dress up for work. You can do that if you are in a similar situation.

My Choice:

1 pair of jeans, 1 pink t-shirt, 1 blue t-shirt, 1 white blouse, 1 skirt, 1 blue blazer, 1 pair of loafers, and 1 pair of athletic shoes. I decided to count my 2 pairs of shoes as one. I couldn’t figure out how to do it unless I chose not to exercise during the week.

Your choice:

Take a photo of your clothing choices and post on the group page. You can also post in the comments of the blog.

Good luck, my fellow #Seven travelers! You can do it!

Find the book we are using here or simply follow along via blog and Facebook group.



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