I Pineapple Philippines


We had an incredible experience on our mission trip to the Philippines. We arrived to find one wall and a roof of the new building. When we left we had 3/4 of the walls up. Since then Faith Church has been working hard to finish their building project.


Faith Church has been praying for 20 years for a permanent facility to do ministry! Twenty years! That’s persistent faith. And they do incredible ministry among the people in their community. We were especially impressed with their outreach to families who live along the river. They go each Saturday to teach them about God and bring them bread.


Faith Church is reaching people you and I will never reach. But we can reach them by supporting Faith Church.

We have created shirts through our Amazon account. We have committed to giving the profits to help complete their building project. We pray you will consider purchasing a shirt and wear it proud! And you can watch our blog for project updates.




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