Mutinty: Week 3

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I love books! I have lots of books. I spend too much money on books. Sigh.

We are beginning week three of our mutiny against excess challenge! Week 3? It’s all about Possessions. We own a lot of s.t.u.f.f. It might be more accurate to say that our stuff owns us? Hmm.

Needless to say, we are attached to our stuff. We have trouble loaning it out. We have trouble sharing it. We are territorial about it. And we really don’t like to give it away.

On our recent mission trip to the Philippines, it was our last day and we were saying good-bye. We gave some gifts and received some gifts as reminders of our time together. One of the ladies took her neckless off and gave it to me. It was the most generous thing she could have done. And I will cherish it.

I think we need a lesson in giving. Generosity is good for the soul. It also helps us to remember the important things in life. And the most important things are usually not things.

Option One: Give away 7 items a day for 7 days. 49 items. You can do it a little each day or make it happen all at once. Find a charity or person to give these items to. There are several options. Most of us think of the Salvation Army. But there are lots of charities who want & need your stuff.

Option Two: Give away at least one item from every room and closet in your house.

Option Three: Give away at least one item from seven different categories. (i.e. clothing, toys, kitchen items, linens, yard items, furniture, decor, etc.)

Option Four: Give away seven items to seven different charities or persons.

Jesus reminds us to store up our treasurers in heaven. Let’s rid ourselves of some stuff so we can focus on Him.


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