Mutiny Week 4: Media

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It’s a 24/7 world, friends! This week? We’re going off-line.

Ugh. I did not think this through very well. Our group has been meeting online to encourage and challenge one another. Hmm. How to do this week well?


In Jen Hatmaker’s book, her family “shut down” seven screens…for a month! They eliminated TV, gaming, Social Media (whatever forms you use), apps, radio, texting, and internet. No Netflix. No Hulu. No Amazon Prime video. They did use texting for work/emergency issues. And they limited their internet to specifically work/school related stuff. No Google rabbit holes.

We are a connected society. But, in many ways, it has left us less connected. Let’s use this week to think of alternative ways to connect. It would be a good time to invite someone for coffee or meet someone for a bagel. Read a book. Take a walk. Visit a (free) museum.

So here are your options:

Option One: Eliminate 7 “screens”. You decide which ones and post them.

Option Two: Allow yourself 7 hours of connected time. Maybe an hour a day?

Option Three: Limit yourself to 1 media option for the week. You might still consider a time limit. I don’t think anyone would benefit from 8 hours a day on Facebook.

Option Four: Dedicate 7 waking hours a day to no screens. That means, no social media breaks for 7 hours, no radio/tv, no internet.

Now, how to keep you informed. I will list the reflection questions below. I will also post them in our Facebook group using Hootsuite. (Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts without accessing the app itself) You can answer the questions based on the option you choose. Post your option before Sunday night so we know what to expect. We will be cheering you on!

Screens to consider

TV, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Pandora, Spotify, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, texting, email, blogs (except this one of course 🙂 ) etc.

Monday: Read 2 Corinthians 10:2-5. How does media intake affect your thoughts?

Tuesday: Which affects you more; the content of your media or the quantity of your media?

Wednesday: What positive effects do you see from media?

Thursday: Do you ever experience input overload? How does this manifest itself in your life?

Friday: What has been the hardest part of this week?

Saturday: What has been the best part of this week?

Sunday: Share one good thing in our Facebook group!

You can do this! I believe in you!

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