Media, Introverts, and Energy

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It’s Media Week!

We’re in the midst of a media fast this week. I know. Here I am. Writing a blog post.

Each of us chose a different form of fasting. I chose to limit myself to one hour a day. So blogging today will take up 30 minutes or so. I spent part of my time writing “old school” with paper and pen. But, truth be told, I usually write with paper and pen. I find it difficult to think while typing.

So far, I am discovering that less media intake has increased my energy levels. Weird.

As an introvert, I gain energy by thinking, reflecting, and spending time alone. And I spend energy when I am with people. I always speculated that social media had little effect on my energy levels because I was only indirectly connecting with people. Instead, I have discovered that social media requires almost an equal amount of energy as if I was spending it directly with people.


My discovery leaves me with a need to re-evaluate social media use for myself. If both social media and face-to-face interaction require the same amount of energy, then which one offers more benefits? And is that even the right question to ask? Is there a better question?

Could I realistically meet with people multiple times a week? What am I trying to accomplish with social media? What am I trying to accomplish when I meet with people for coffee or lunch or in their homes?

This media fast has left me with many questions that I do need to reflect upon. If I’m simply using media to fill empty space, then perhaps there is a better way. However, I can also see the benefits of media, like sharing these thoughts with a much larger audience.

We are halfway through our media fast and there will probably be more revelations. But this much I see, connecting with people requires energy and participation.


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