Mutiny Week 5: Waste


I cannot believe we are in week five already! And this week we are going to tackle WASTE. We are focusing on reducing, reusing, and recycling our stuff. Mostly the stuff we didn’t give away two weeks ago.

In the book of Genesis, God creates mankind and assigns them as stewards over His creation. We have done a poor job over the last 150 years. It’s time to change this. Let’s find a few ways we can be better stewards of the earth.


Here are some options.

The Hatmakers adopted 7 new habits for one month.

  • Gardening
  • Compost
  • Conserve energy & water
  • Recycle everything
  • Drive 1 car
  • Shop at thrift stores
  • Buy local

Could you adopt the above habits for 7 days? Gardening could be as simple as a potted tomato plant or mini herb garden that sits on your window sill. Could you collect rain in a bucket or barrel for your flowers? Could you be more intentional about getting those recycle items in the recycle bin?

Select from some options below to create your own strategy:

  • Eliminate 7 convenience items
    • paper towels
    • water bottles
    • sandwich bags
    • paper plates
    • napkins
    • plastic grocery bags
    • disposable cups
  • Eliminate 1-7 big box stores and shop locally for a week (i.e. coffee shops, family-owned stores, farmer or fruit market)
  • Replace as many paper products with cloth
  • Replace light bulbs with LED (if you haven’t already)
  • Other ideas – please share

We know you can do it! For some of you, this will be super easy because you already think eco-friendly. I hope that a week focusing on waste will help us to see new ways we can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

kitchen sink


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