Mutiny Week 6: Spending

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It’s Mutiny week 6! Can you believe it? You made it this far. I know you can do it.

For some of us, this will be a tough week. We are going to take a hard look at our spending habits. Ugh. Do we know where our money goes? Can you say IRS? Big Box? Starbucks?

In the last week, I spent money at Costco, Kroger, Westborn Market, Mane Connection (hair), Aldi’s, Donut Town (yum), 2 gas stations, and Amazon. I also did payroll via Quickbooks. I’m sure our employees were happy about that one!

I’m not sure how many vendors my husband frequented. However, I know he made business purchases at Menards, Home Depot, and Lowes. And I’m sure there was at least one stop at a gas station.

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Money does not grow on trees!

As my dad always said, “money does not grow on trees!”

Sometimes we think we don’t have enough money. Sometimes we actually do have enough, but we are spending it inefficiently. A huge chunk of the world lives on $1 a day. That would qualify as “not enough money”.

This week, let’s look at how we spend, where we spend, and what we spend our money on. Also, let’s reflect on how much we spend on ourselves. Do we give generously? Do we keep God’s command of tithing, giving, caring for others?

Here are your challenge options:

Option One: restrict your spending to 7 vendors. A vendor is one place, not one category. For example, Kroger is a vendor. A grocery store is a category.

You could choose these 7 vendors: Kroger, BP gas station, Costco, Amazon, Online bill pay, Panera, Doctor. (create your own list)

Charities do not count as spending. Charities are in the giving category because it is not money spent on ourselves.

Option Two: eliminate 7 well-trafficked vendors

Option Three: eliminate 7 categories and only spend what is needed. No extras at the grocery store. No quick run through McDonald’s. And you do not need those gel pens (I’m talking to me mostly).

Option Four: choose 7 local places to shop this week instead of your usual places. It’s sort of an extension of last week. For example, instead of Tim Hortons, stop at your family owned donut shop (yum). Buy your fruit from the locally owned fruit market or farmer’s market. Check out that consignment shop instead of Target. Purchase your yard needs at a local greenhouse instead of Home Depot. You get the idea.

Alright friends, we can do this! We can change our spending habits for the better. We can be better stewards of what God has blessed upon us. Happy non-spending week!

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