Philippines Update: Getting Closer

dela peret

We have been missing our new friends in Calamba, Philippines! Say hello to Pastor Donald, Vivian, Kean, and Kyl.

Faith Church has been hard at work finishing the outer walls of their permanent facility. They have even started to work on one of the restrooms (CR in the Philippines). Here are some of the newest photos. We hope you will continue to pray for them as they are in the middle of the rainy season.


The windows had not been framed when we left Calamba. But you can see they are using their new facility already for worship.


We are continuing to pray for the families of Faith Church. Here are some of the families we met and whom we continue to pray for each week. Please join us in lifting them up as well.


All these beautiful faces! We miss you so much!

You can help Faith Church complete their building by purchasing a custom T-Shirt here.

You can pray for these families by name. [Olive, Miguel, Diego, Pastor Donald, Vivian, Kean & Kyl, Carlito, Jaren & Caren, Gagelonia family, Renato, Leticia & Elaine, Andrea, Joan, and other names I am completely forgetting]

You can pray for Devon Aire Church as we are working to send a Balikbayan box. (Why they make it so complicated??)

And you can pray for God’s word to be preached throughout Calamba!


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